Broken and Redeemed is a robust testimony to the unlimited power of God to change lives through the gospel of Jesus Christ. John’s story reveals the overarching truth of the Bible, which is that there is no level of brokenness or pain that God cannot heal and redeem for His greater honor and glory.  If you are looking for an inspirational story that is also a practical guide for growing your faith in Christ, then Broken and Redeemed is a must read for you!

~ Dan Shaw, Master of Divinity, Active Reserve Lieutenant Commander Navy Chaplain (Iraq War Veteran), Sr. Pastor Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Tacoma, WA

Joseph McGinnis

We all have struggles in this world but how you deal with it and are formed by it is the key.  There is redemption.  Everything happens for a reason.  I met John Jarman in the fitness center at Fircrest and there was an immediate connection, a God thing.  He wrote a book and I am reading it and WOW.  Please support him by ordering this book you won’t be sorry there is redemption.  This is a fellow brother who’s message needs to get out because I can definitely relate.  Thank you John for your obedience in writing this book one of the best I have read (those of you that know me know that is a value statement because I have read a TON of books).  #thereisredemption

Kindle Customer

As a Marine and someone who came from a broken home, I enjoyed reading this book. I have struggled with some of my own issues over the years, but reading this book allowed me to feel things I have not expressed in many years. This book showed me there are different approaches for all issues. I have often questioned my spirituality, and this book opened up a door that had been closed for quite sometime. A great read.

Dave Hinton

From beginning to end, Broken & Redeemed by John Jarman is an impactful true-life testimony of the all-mighty power of God and how that power changes lives. John lays it all out there for us to live and experience right along with him. From brokenness and desperation to salvation and inspiration, this is a must-read that will fill your soul with love, hope, and faith for the future.

Denette Colbo

What begins as troubled soul triumphs into the courageous adventure of self-worth in the spiritual discovery of becoming a Christian. This true story of one man was written with humility and honesty. Grab this book and get ready to change the way you think about your life. Broken and Redeemed is powerful and inspiring.

Dr. Mike Martin

Compelling, Thought Provoking, Challenging This story brought home how people struggle to be functional, make connections, and make a difference, in personal and professional relationships even in the strangest, saddest, and most restrictive circumstance. Your spirituality/faith gets you through more than you think possible! I personally recommend this challenging book.

Additional Reviews

Greg Chantler Retired pastor, Evangelical Covenant Church, and author of “Home to Pleasant Pastures”.

Author John Jarman takes us on a spiritual journey that is both touching and heartbreakingly honest. It’s John’s story of Gods grace and unconditional love in the midst of difficult personal circumstances and unwise life choices. If it seems to hit too close to home at times, it’s because it’s our story also. Different circumstances and choices perhaps, but pointing to the universal condition of brokenness nevertheless. John’s testimony can help the reader leave their brokenness behind and embrace the joy and freedom of redemption in Christ.”